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The Story

I am often asked how did this all start and why.

I have grown up loving horses and have learned the value of time spent with them. For as long as I remember, I have enjoyed being with horses; sitting in the grass with a horse quietly munching nearby, watching a herd play and move together, tending them and being part of their daily pattern.  I knew what they offered me was a grounding and centering energy that allowed me to fully be in touch with me, to be more fully embodied  There was a place to feel what I needed to feel- and they offered no judgment, no expectations. It took many years of study and learning (going on 30 years now) and being to realize they did this just by being horses! And they would offer this amazing gift to anyone who had the opportunity.

Fast forward through years of my being a student of personal growth and development to a time where I knew I wanted to do equine assisted  work. How would I incorporate horses and the trans-personal development work I love doing? And this became part of a bigger dream.

The answer came through the opportunity offered by a very special person who granted a wish by funding the process of building the dream. Baron’s Venture Inc., a non-profit was created.

And then the land became available.  And the team of people wanting to be involved came together. Our support team and facilitators emerged and we gathered to get things started as we already had a request to host camp days for children from the inner city.

The journey began, fences got built, the barn got readied for horses, hay was stacked, the horses arrived, staff pursued additional professional training  and certifications were earned. A bridge, tree deck and pond deck were built, trails cut and tracks cleared, new friends were made, horses were developed into partners and… the people came.

Then amazing magic began to happen between horses and humans.  Every meeting produced a knowing and many times aha moments.

I am so grateful for this journey.  I invite you to join us and walk the path towards your center. Consider our classes and events.



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