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The Developing Vision: Next Steps

Creating Pathways Farm  The Developing Vision: Next Steps

Create a safe, peaceful environment while partnering with equines to provide personal growth and development opportunities for a variety of populations. This includes a horse facility for equine assisted work, treatment rooms, classrooms and full functional facilities for group work and training. The facility will also house Free Spirit School. Funding will allow for scholarships for those who require financial assistance to participate in CPF activities. We stand ready to be of service to all those who seek to grow and create new pathways for their journeys.

Next Steps

The Dream is not completed yet.  We need a facility that can house horse space for our work and classrooms and special treatment rooms.  We also require funds for scholarships for those in need of services with financial constraints. Additional needs include: a playground for horse-human interactions, develop more trails and tracks through the farm, further development of the pond and beach area, equipment for the horses, expanding the facilities for ease of access for those with disabilities, and more.

Please consider a donation to support us in any way you can.

We also have opportunities for volunteers.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about Creating Pathways Farm and Baron’s Venture!

We look forward to meeting you soon…

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