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Our remarkable equine therapists are essential partners in the valuable work we do. Yet, most people do not realize that it costs over $3,600 a year for the care and maintenance of each of our program horses, including such essentials as feed, veterinary care, and medical expenses. 

Our horse sponsors allow our program to continue offering this work through the generosity of their tax-deductible donations. Sponsors may include individuals, families, corporations, or service organizations. An individual full sponsorship is $3,600 per year and a co-sponsor contributes $1,800 per year. Corporate sponsorships are $5,600 per year. In return, sponsors receive the following benefits:

⦁    A tax deductible donation receipt
⦁    A personalized Certificate of Appreciation
⦁    A picture of the sponsored horse (link here to our horses)
⦁    Corporate sponsors will receive their logo on our website as well as their name advertised at our events.  

Horse sponsorships are added to the funds set aside exclusively for the care of our program horses.

Donate Any Dollar Amount


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Individual Full Sponsorship

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Corporate Sponsorship

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