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Amy Dell

Amy Dell, Licensed Professional Counselor in Training, Substance Abuse Counselor in Training, Reiki Master, Transpersonal Development Energywork Practitioner Certified, and EAGALA Certified in Equine Therapy.

I began my journey into the world of working with people through Reiki and esthetics. There my passion emerged for working with people. I continued to build on this passion by going to Graduate School and studying Clinical Mental Health Counseling. While in Grad School I had the amazing opportunity to see and experience equine therapy. It was in that moment that I realized that I could combine my passion for working with people with my love of horses.

The first time I was around horses was as a child and oh how I loved these animals (actually any animal that was in the barn). My mom would take me with her and I would feel joy just being around them whether it was riding one or just brushing one. As I grew older my love of horses continued into learning to ride and show horses in Hunter Jumper and Dressage. After some time way,  I came back into the world of horses when my daughter was born. This time it was a different experience for me. I realized the amazing ability horses had of just being with me. No matter how I was feeling when I was around horses I felt relaxed, grounded and understood. I believe in the amazing ability all animals have to help us grow and heal and I look forward to sharing this with all my clients.

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